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New York!

overcast 78 °F

Hey everyone, hope all is well back home!
Well were at the end of our trip now, only a few days left until we fly home!
Had a nice walk when we arrived in new york as the taxi from the airport dropped us of on the east side of the street where our hostel was instead of the west side! so After a tiring walk with our backpacks we got to the hostel which was pretty central, it was right next to madison square garden. The next few days we drifted around, went shopping and saw some sights, but i (josh) was abit ill so spent a few days in bed to recover. The next day we went to woodbury common shopping outlet where they have all designer stores for really cheap! so we did lots of shopping there (guess who spent the most?)
Over the next few days the weather wasnt the best, so we just wandered around and explored times square, grand central station, the crysler building, new york central libary, united nations etc and with macys just a few blocks away it was hard to resist the shopping! When we had a nice clear day we went up the rockerfella centre, got some amazing views over the city and central park! We went to a stand up comedy show in times square one evening which was funny!
A few days later we moved into another hostel which was abit cheaper but abit further uptown, so we got passes for the metro so we could get around easyer. We then took the train down to brooklyn bridge and walked over the bridge for some cool views over the city. We also explored around wall street and saw the new york stock exchange building.
next day we took the tube down to Soho, did some shopping, had a really good lunch in a little deli! we then walk through to Noho for more shopping! we were planning on going up the empire state that night but it started to rain so were still waiting on a nice clear evening to climb that one! we also explored Greenwich, Chinatown, Little Italy, Tribecca etc which were all cool places. As we cant drink we spent a few evening roaming around broadway and times square just to get out the hostel. we went out for dinner one night to a place called Ellens stardust diner, its like a typical american diner but all the waiters and waitresses are auditioning to be in broadway shows so they are constantly singing as theyre serving!
weve spent a few days roaming central park, and every morning( apart from a couple when its rained!) weve picked up bagels from a little deli and ate them in the park as its right by our hostel. were hoping to hire bikes this afternoon and bike the whole of central park!
We went to see the New Jack Black film Year one at the times square cinema one evening, we paid $25 for our tickets though!!
Last sunday we were out in times square and we though it seemed really busy and we turned the corner and i swear i have never seen so many singing, dancing latino people down one road in my life! it was the peurto rican day parade and we could not move anyway with a 3 street radius of times square! it was crazy!! there was millions of people everywhere!!!
we paid a visit to the Hershys factory yesterday and spent a little too much money on chocolate! anyway we'll be home in a couple of days to fill you in on everything then! see y'all soon :) Josh and Charly xxx

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Los Angles!

sunny 82 °F

Hello again!
We arrived in LA on june 4th and slept for most the afternoon due to the jetlag! the next day we walked up to hollywood and did a tour which took us up to the holly sign on the hills, into beverly hills we saw all the stars homes, some of them were unbelievably big!! we went down rodeo drive saw all the fancy shops, didnt see any celebs though well aprt from someone called larry king who weve never heard of, he loked abit like an alien though! we went to the chinese theatre, follwed the stars down hollywood boulevard, saw the kodak theatre and took a walk down sunset boulevard!
The next day we caught the bus down to santa monica and it was a georgous day so we just stayed on the beach for the whole day, LA is full of lunatics though we had one guy come up to us on the beach, he stood infront of us then started singing and he wouldnt stop, we were trying so hard not to laugh and then when he finally finshed he asked us for some money! we jsut said we didnt have any and he went on to the next couple and began singing to them....! we took the bus home in the evening, encountered a few more looneys talking to themsleve dancing in the road etc etc!
the next day we went to santa monica again as we liked it so much, we did some shopping (as abercrombie had a sale on!) and then spent the rest of the day at the beach again!
our last day in la we went down to venice beach whihc is full off mental people! we hired some rollerblades and skated down the board walk which was fun! we then walked all the way from venice to santa monica along the beach saw even more lunatics dancing and talking to themself! we walked by muscle beach, saw the gym on the beach etc and the went down santa monica pier before heading back to the hostel. we had an early ngiht as we had to get up at 3:30am to get to the airport!
we arrived in new york that afternoon! and a blog on the big apple is on its way!

take care everyone lots of love josh and charly! xxx

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sunny 87 °F

Hey everyone, sorry its been a while since we were last in touch there wasnt much internet availible in fiji unless we were willing to wait 10 minutes for a page to load! but basically we arrived in Fiji all good on the 22cnd may, and the next day began our tour of the main island (Viti Levu) our first stop was Malo Malo village, traditonal working Fijan village, we walked around saw the well (their only source of water) church and their houses etc, they werent exactly living in the best conditons but they were happy. we then went sandboarding down the sand dunes which was alot of fun! and in the evening we arrived at our resort and at dinner time we watched a fijan dance show and they got us all to join in and we had a massive conga line of about 150 people dancing round the resturant!
the next day we began our 4 hour trek, it rained the night before and this got very muddy! about 3 hours into the trek we hit a stream whcih we had to walk through which is normally only ankle deep, we got there and it was waist deep, that was hard work trekking through the water!! when we finished the trek we hit the river and jumped in some rubber tubes and floated back down the river, it was a cloudy day though and it was absolutly freezing in the river, we then came to a waterfall which we jumped off and then made our way back down the river in the pouring rain in some longboats.
Day 3, we stopped in Sevu whcih is the capital, we saw the prision which really did not look somewhere youd like to go... and we stopped to buy some pens and paper to take the Fijan high school we were vising in the afternoon. We arrived at the high school and had a kid give us a tour round, it was pretty basic to say the least, and most of the kids boarded at the school and all they had was a wooden bunk bed they made themseleves in their home economics class and no matress, but they were so thankful and so proud to show it to us.
our next stop was another fijan village where we had a kava ceremony with the cheif of one of the provinces of Fiji. Kavas like this root they get and mix it with water and drink every night and its ment to relax all your nerves and make your whole body feel numb and most fijans are dependant on it to help them sleep. it tasted absolutly disgusting! it was like drinking a puddle but we had to drink it as it was disresputul if we didnt, and we didnt fancy being kicked out of the village. the girls had to drink 2 bowls and then we got to go and make braclets with the fijan women but the guys had to stay until it was all finsihed and they had about 10 bowls each! we then walked around the village and played with the kids and spoke with the loclas whcih is cool, all their english is really good!
on our last day of the tour we stopped off at some natural hot mud pools, which felt pretty disgusting to go in at first but once you got used to it it was pretty relaxing we then washed off in some natural hot springs and jumped back on the bus and made our way back to Nadi where our tour finished. we stayed in nadi for two more nights and got some sun bathing done, Josh also made friends with a few dogs which followed us absolutly everywhere!
the next day we took a boat across the beachcomber island, we stayed in a 140 bed dorm that night and we had food in our bag whcih we left on the floor, we spent the day on the beach and when we came back in the evening their was mice in all our stuff!!
the next day we took a boat across to Mana island and we stayed tehir for 5 nights, everyones so chilled, the locals call it 'Fiji time' basically doing nothing all day! we werent exactly living in paradise though, our shower was a drip of cold water coming out of a pipe and the toilets kept blocking up whcih absolutly stank, it was cool though as we were lliving in the village using all the same facillities as the locals. we went down to the set of survivor one day and colleted some coconuts and made jewlery out of the sheels and thats the most productive thing we did our whole time their! we had some jumpers and stuff we didnt need any more from nz so we gave them to some of the villagers and i gave my forest shirt to one of the kids. we took a boat back to the main land (one of the bumpiest boat rides weve ever been on!) we had one more night in Nadi, and we went to some markets then flew to La the next day. We left Fiji at 11:25am june 4th and after 18 hours of travelling arrived in LA at 12:15 june 4th (so less than hour later!!) so we were pretty jetlagged!!
Hope the weathers all good back home and summers starting to kick in!! lots of love charly and josh! xxx

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New Zealnd south island

Kaikora, Hanmer Springs, Greymouth, Punkaki, Franz Joseph, Wanaka, Queenstown and Milford Sound!

all seasons in one day 39 °F

Hey everyone!
were getting near the end of our new zealnd part of the trip now which is a shame but were looking forward to getting back into the sun in fiji!
we got the ferry across from Wellington down to Picton and began our journey down through the south island, we stopped off in a place called Kaikora where you can go whale watching (we couldnt afford that though) but we saw loads of seals just chilling on all the rocks right by the road, they were really cute and there was millions of them! we then went on a nice little place called Hanmer Springs which is surrounded by massive mountains and theres a few ski resorts around there but once again we couldn't afford to go skiing!
we then drove on through all the mountains and bypassed through a place called punakaki where the pancake rocks (loads of really thin rocks, kind of pancake shaped all piled on top of each other) and blow holes are, they were pretty cool to see (chez it was like geology heaven, you would of loved them)
We then carried on down the west coast and stopped in a place called Greymouth, where we did something called black water cave tubing, where we went down a river on black rubber rings and then into this massive cave which was pitch black all you could see was millions of little glow worms on the walls! that was cool going down all the rapids but the water level was quite low so our bums were abit sore after getting hit by all the rocks! after we'd finshed the rapids we jumped off a cliff into some freezing cold water!! that was quite scary as it was just a random cliff and it gave us brain freeze when we jumped in!
We then began our drive down to Franz Joseph where the famous Franz Jospeh glacier is and the next day we did a hike up the glacier which was awesome, climbing up ice and through little ice tunnels etc which were created in the ice age! (again chez right up your street)
We then drove down to Wanaka where we had our skydive booked! and it finally went ahead after getting up to 15,000ft in the plane in taupo and being told we were jumping in 30 seconds and the plane had to land because the wind levels sunddenly raised!! so we were so happy when we finally got to do it and it was absolutly amazing!! got some really good pictures and videos which josh is trying to put on facebook now! we couldn't stop smiling for ages after!! We then went to a place called puzzling world, there was this massive two storey maze and you had to find different things and then get out so we had a race (loser did all the washing up) and i finsihed but i couldnt find josh anywhere, we then spent the next 45 minutes wandering around the maze looking for each other! they had some crazy hallucination rooms and stuff there but they really hurt our brains!
From Wanaka we then drove down to Queenstown and the next day we hired some mountain bikes and went on a 42km mountain bike ride which was pretty hard work and we were covered in mud by the end of it but it was really cool! the next day we got up nice and early to go and do the Nevis bungy at 8am! its New Zelands biggest at 134m and was alot scarier than the skydive! there was about 12 people in our group and its done in wight order and we were the last two to go, so we stood there and watched everyone else do it before we finally got to go but it was amazing! the biggest adrenelin rush ive ever had!! we then did our white water rafting in the afternoon, which was really cool but due to all the rain the river had flooded so the rapids were pretty crazy! one of the boats in our group flipped, luckily ours didnt though! ours completly filled with water at one point but we made it out all good!
That evening we drove across to milford sound, we drove at night so didnt get to see much of the scenery, we stayed there for the night and got on a cruise at 9:30am (on joshs birthday) and that was really nice, it was abit misty but still absolutly amazing! we then began the 5 hour dirve back to Queenstown (in day light this time but also in snow) and that was awesome, we were surrounded by snowy mountains and bright blue lakes the whole way! we went for a meal that evening for joshs birthday and he ordered steak and ribs and it came on this massive chopping board, it was huge!!
were now in queenstown and going to head down to the queenstown gardens to play some frisbee golf (lilke golf but with frisbees) and then were heading up to a place called Twizel!
Josh says thanks for the birthday messages, hope everythings good back home! speak soon Josh and Charly xxx

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Piha, Coromandel, Rotorua and Taupo.

rain 46 °F

We left Dargerville on monday afternoon, but in the morning we helped cam feed the calves and had a full tour of his farm, then he took us down onto the beach and and we rode his quad down the beach and he tought me (charly) how to drive so i took his 4x4 for a spin down the beach which was pretty cool, i could really get the hang of the gears on the quad bike though i kept stalling that, josh was loving it though go over the sand dunes, we got some really cool videos and pics! we both say that was one of our favourite days so far!!
We then made our way back to Auckland as we had to go back to the camper van place to sort out the insurance but we didnt get there until late so we had to find somewhere to pitch up for the night and the nearest place we found was an hour out of Auckland so that was abit of a mission, but it was a nice little place called Piha right by the beach, had some amazing veiws aswell! We then set off in the morning to the Coromandel peninsulia (via the campervan office) we tried to be clever and though we'd go off the state highway and take a 'short cut' it took us about twice aslong as the road wasnt really and road more like a few rocks, alot of sand and pot holes and in the camper that wasnt exactly the best of fun!we then pitched up for the night in a place called hot water beach and the next morning we went down to the beach and discovered why its called the hot water beach... the water was boiling! beacuse of some volcanic rock under the sand it heats the water up before it goes in to the sea, so we rented some spades and made our own private jacuzzi on the beach! that was pretty amazing!
From Coromandel we drove down to Roturua and we'd been warned that it smelt pretty bad but it wasnt until we got out the camper we realised how bad it smelt! it stank of rotten eggs and apparantly its because of all the sulphur in the the sand! so we stayed on a campsite just out of town to try and get away from the smell! we were going to go white water rafting in roturua but we'd of had to stay another night and we really wanted to get away from the smell and there are plently of other places to do the rafting. so we wandered round the town for abit, went to visit some natural hot pools and hot rocks (which are everywhere!!) and then went luging (whcih is kind of like toboganing but on a road type thing) which was alot of fun! And then we began the journey to Taupo, we stopped off at a few geothermal pools on the way and some natural mud pools and then arrived in taupo late afternoon, we booked our skydive in taupo for the next morning so we got quite an early night, but we got up this morning and it was chuking it down so it was cancelled so weve re booked it for tommorow morning and were doing it from 15,000 ft above lake taupo which should be nice! so this morning we went quad biking in the rain instead and it was only the two of us in our group and we paid for one hour but the dude took us out for nearly two, and it was awesome! we got covered in mud, it was propper off road and up some really steep hills. after that we went to visit a mauri village which was cool and saw some more geothermal pools but it was raining so we didnt fancy going for a swim! We then went to see the huka fallls which were pretty impressive and then we had a walk aroudn the town centre. tonight we might rent a dvd as our van has a dvd player or the campsite were staying on has trampolines and NZs biggest air cushion whcih is like a massive bouncy castle, we went on it last night in the dark, it was pretty cool, josh managed to fall off the trampoline whilst attempting a front flip and lander between the metal bars and cut his knee up, hes fine though! Anyway thats all for now, hope everything at homes fine, wish us luck for our skydive!
missing everybody xxx

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