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Magnetic Island, Cairns, Auckland and Dargerville

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Hey guys! hope everyones all good! we fly into Auckland a couple of days ago, was werid to leave Australlia and feels even weirder that were now over half way through ur trip! After our trip to the outback we drove onto to a place called magnetic island, we had to catch a ferry across to this georgous island! our hostel was really nice, had its own beach, it was kind of in the middle of no where but the whole island was pretty quiet to be honest with only one bar! we did 5km walk up a mountain and we got an amazing veiw of the whole island and we walked past a few wild koalas! we then went to a wildlife sanctuary where we got to hold crocs (only baby ones though), snakes, a variety of lizards, rock wallabes, cockatoos etc which was really cool and we also got to feed the lorikeets (parrot type things) and as soon as we held the food out we were covered in them, like 3 on our heads 1 on each shooulder and 4 on each arm it was crazy! from maggy island we started the long trip up to cairns we had a few stops on the way one at a croc farm where we got to hold more crocs and snakes, feed more roos and wallabes and we saw a croc feed which was pretty awesome. there was one croc who was 7m long, he was pretty scary!
we finally arrived in cairns late evening. the next day we did some shopping and then went and chilled by the massive lagoon for the day making the most of the sun before we lose when we get to new zealand. on our last day in cairns we treated ourselves and went on this posh cruise boat around the great barrier reef where we snorkelled alongside sea turtles, reef sharks, stings rays and loadsa cool fish including little nemos! the coral down there was absolutly amazing!
We arrive in Auckland on the 1st may and met up with Coralie ( a girl we met on our tour in thailand who lives in auckland) she took us out that night and then the next day we picked up our camper (which is sick!) and then coralie showed us round auckland and took us up some volcanoes which were pretty awesome. we then went to visit some more friends and then began the drive up to dargerville to visit cam (another dude we met in thailand) he owns a massive farm with 400 acres of land, quad bikes, crossers, a boat, guns, 4x4 and loads and loads of cows! we got here late evening and cam took us possum shooting at 3am, we got a few but cus it had been raining they were all hiding! Today cam gave us a tour of the the north part of the north island which was pretty cool, saw the bay of islands which were very pretty and luckily the weather was good today aswell. we went to see this massive tree, it was crazy, its trunk was 14m in girth! and we said we had the best steak at the cattle station in oz but we take that back we had some from the cows on his farm for dins tonight and it was amazing! were getting up at 6am tommorw to help milk the cows then were going to drive the quad bikes on his private beach and then were going to start our road trip down south!
hope everyones all good back home! take care charly and josh xx

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Cattle Station, airlie beach and whitsundays

sunny 95 °F

hey everyone! the weather here is so much nicer now! just pure sunshine everyday!
With our bus pass it includes a trip to a cattle station and that was soo cool! its was right in the outback and took a good few hours to get there but it was worth it! it was a propper cattle ranch and we got to take part in a goat rodeo where we were in teams of three and one of us (charly) and to chase the goat and drag it into the corner the other one (josh) had to grab its legs and flip it and the other person had to pretend to brand it! the goats were really fast though and they did not want to be caught! we got to fire shot guns, did some lassuing, cracked a whip and rode a mechanical bull! our dinner there was included and we had some of the most amazing steak ever!!
After the cattle station we drove up to a place called Airlie beach but we stopped off on the way to play some bare foot lawn bowls which was a laugh! the next day we got on our boat and began our crusie through the whitsunday islands! the weather was amazing, dolphins swam alongside our boat we went snorkelling and saw some amazing coral and loads of tropical fish! we saw sea turtles aswell. everytime we went in the sea though we had to wear the stinger suits as there was loads of jelly fish but they just loked like pieces of floating cling film! on the last night the skipper was trying to catch a shark but he wasnt having any luck so we all went to bed then at 6:30am we heard loads of shouting so we got up and he'd caught a massive shark!! he had to let it go though (even though he did want to cook it for brekky) but to kill it he said he'd of had to sit there for a while wacking it around the head with a hammer and he wasnt allowed to do that infront of us! the only bad thing about that trip was that there was bed bugs in our bed and im absolutly covered in bites josh got off lightly though he only has a few on his stomach and legs but they were pretty nasty! and so weve had to clean all our stuff to try and get rid of them all! we then arrived back in airlie beach yesterday. and today we just chilled out all day, spent most the day sunbathing by the massive lagoon as its Anzac day so everythings closed! we head up to magnetic island tommorow which has the biggest population of wild koalas so that should be cool! speak to yopu all soon charly and josh xx

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Byron to 1770

sunny 95 °F

Hey Everyone! hope your all good! the weather here has got alot better now!! After byron bay we went to a place called surfers paradise, we stayed there for three nights, got quite alot of surfing in during the day inbetween the rain! we went to a theme park there aswell which was cool. we then travelled up the coast to brisbane, we were only there for one night so didnt see much of the city as we had to leave at 6am the next day.
we arrive at Australlia zoo at about 8am (the Steve Irwin zoo) whcih was amazing!! we fed the elephants, held koalas (they were sooo cute!! like furry little teddy bears) and they was a massive field you could walk through and just chill with the kangeroos they were all really friendly and cus we went on easter sunday terri, bindi and bobbi Irwin (steves wife and kids) were doing a special croc show which was pretty wicked! we saw tigers, emus, cuckaburras, turtles etc! then from the zoo we went up to a town called Noosa, it poured it down all day when we got there so we just stayed in the hostel all day, and to make things worse our hostel was disgusting, there was bed bugs and we had to move rooms cus our toilet was leaking and there was hair and dirt everywhere!! but we stuck it out and luckily it got really hot so we went surfing the next day and left early next morning to go to a small place called rainbow beach. we did our fraser island trip from there.
we had to get up at 5am the next day to go over to fraser island, we were in a group of 11 and we had our own 4 wheel drive (but you had to be over 21 to drive it) on the first day we went to a lake called lake mckenzie whcih was absolutly georgous, it was scorching hot aswell and the water was crystal clear! we drove along the beach for abit and then set up camp for the night along the beech. we werent allowed in the ocean beacuse of sharks which was a shame! the next day we went to another lake behind some massive sand dunes whcih was really cool, apparantly there was massive turtles there too but we didnt see any! we had a bbq for lunch then headed further down beach and set up camp again for the night! only just managed to stay up till 12 though to see my birthday in as we were all so nackered as we had to get up at 5am every morning because of the tide! but we did it (with some help from the beer and wine) got up nice and early again the next day and went up to a place called indian head, it was a massive cliff edge which sharks circled as it was where british colonists used to push the aboriginals into the ocean. we saw some wild dingos and these massive lizards! we went then drove all the way back down the beach and caught the ferry back to Rainbow beach where we spent another night and then caught the bus up to a town called 1770 this morning, its a really nice quiet seaside town we did something called scooterooing, (you only needed your provisional so i could drive too) this afternoon and we rode around on some 50cc bikes which was cool, saw some wild wallabees watched the sunset then drove back. we go to a cattle station tommorow in the out back, where we round up goats and do rodeo but were most looking forward to the big roast dinner we get included!! hope everythings all good back home!! love charly and josh xx

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Sydney, Blue Mountains and Byron bay

rain 78 °F

Hey Guys,
Hope all is well back home! Were now at a place called byron bay which is a propper surfing town, its between sydney and brisbarne on the map. We had a fun eventful day before we left bangkok. Our flight into bangkok from phuket was cool, we stayed in hostel and met up with some people from our trip to say goodbyes. The day we were leaving we went for lunch in a resturant a couple of roads away from our hostel. It started to rain cats and dogs and solid thunder and lightning for about an hour, so we stayed in this resturant to ride it out, but because of the rubbish draining systems in the bangkok streets, the whole street began to fill with water! Cars parked on the roat were submerged nearly up to the top of the wheel! We realised we had to get back to the hostel to get our bags so we had to wade through ankle deep black/brown water all the way back to the hostel. Because of the sewage systems filling up there were thousands of cockroaches and rats running all over the place! One nearly went up my shorts (bad move), and charly had a bucket of dead ones thrown infornt of her as we made our way back to the hostel. (it was the most disgusting thing everr- she says!!) We got there all fine, just very wet and made it to the airport and got our flight to sydney all good!
Sydney was cool, we did all the main touristy stuff like the opra house and the harbour bridge and stuff like that. but food in sydney was so expensive compared to thailand but luckily our hostel had a kitchen so we went to the local supermarket, stocked up on the smart price stuff and had picnics and made our own dinners for the rest of the time there! we liked sydney but we couldn't really afford to do things like climbing the harbour bridge, and the sky tower walk, but we ventured up to the blue mountains, which were pretty incredible, we did a trek through them but it wasnt as hot as thialand so not as tiring and we took a trip in the steepest train in the world (its at a 55 degress angle) Saw some kangeroos aswell and some baby ones which were cute!
We headed up to place called spot x after leaving sydney and had a surf lesson (in the rain) but it was still wicked! our hostel here in Byron offers free board hire so were gonna rent some tommorow and get riding the waves!
on wednesday we head up to a place called surfers paradise for some more surfing and theyve got all the main theme parks, water parks etc there so that should be cool. then on saturday were heading up the coast again to Australlia zoo (steve Irwin zoo) weve heard great things about that, your allowed to hold koala bears (whcih charly cant wait for!) and theyve got masisve crocodile shows etc so that should be cool. anyway hope everythings cool back at home! take care Charly and Josh xx

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Ko Tao, Ko Phan gan and Ko Phi Phi

sunny 95 °F

Hey everyone,

we're now in phuket, which is like a mini bangkok. After ko samui we got the ferry over to ko Tao which is a small island north of ko samui. We stayed in raised bungalow's right next to the beach, which was cool. The beach was awsome and the sea was nice and blue! the island is best known for diving, so one day we went on a trip with the whole group snorkeling all the way around the island. the boat itself wasnt the best as it was only a small fishing boat and as it was st. paddy's day the night before everone was feeling a bit sea sick! The snorkeling was amazing and the coral was full of fish and also sharks! Baby sharks swam around us, it was pretty scary but apparantly they dont eat humans so were still here now with all of our limbs attatched, which is good! Charly swam into the shallow coral and cut her foot up, but after some lovely iodine shes fine now. When it was time to leave ko tao, the trip was going back to bangkok and was ending there, but as we'd had such a great time down south on the islands we decided to leave the group and travel to ko phang gan, which is another small island in the area. We were also travveling with a few people from the trip aswell as they decided to do the same thing.
We got the ferry from ko tao to ko phang gna the next day, we stayed in these really nice bungalows again that were right on a deserted beach! We walked down the beach for aroudn an hour and got to the main town where they have all the fullmoon parties! unfortunately we wernt there at the right time to go to any, but was cool to see the island anyways!
After ko phang gan we travelled by ferry - bus - small jeep - goat - and finnally mini-bus to get all the was across the southern part of thiland Phuket (where we are now). After a mad journey and some crazy taxi rides we stayed a night in phuket then travveled the next day to ko Phi Phi. There are two islands ko phi phi don and ko phi phi le. The second one is the island where the film 'the beach' was filmed, which we took a trip over to and it was just like paradise! We stayed in a really nice hotel in phi phi which had a nice pool and free all you can eat breakfast in the morning which was pure luxury to us! The island was cool as there are no cars allowed so there is just small cobble streets and nutter locals on push bikes! We met back up with two people from our trip on phi phi and stayed about five nights. The island was hit by the tsunami in 04 so there was parts that were still being re-built, so we visited the small tsunami memorial which was moving. One day we rented kyaks out for 4 hours which cost us around (300 THB = 6pounds!) we paddeled all the way around the bay to a part called monkey island, but unfortunately after two attempts to see them they had all gone too bed too early for us, so we didnt see any! I also managed to get us stuck on a rock and snapped the paddle trying to shimmy us off! (oops). Weather was amazing on the island apart from the odd tropical downpour. When we kyaked out we saw a huge wind funnel out at sea, it looked like a tornado and was sucking water up into the sky! amazing! I also managed to get nice and sunburnt the true british way, and then bought some moisteriser which was actually some 'white lotion' which the thai women use to make their skin whiter so they can look like geishas, (which is the complete opposite of what we were going for!)
Anyways we are having an excellent time out here and we will be leaving back to bangkok in a few days and then off to sydney a few days later! cant wait for OZ but we have just about climatised here in Thailand so will deffinatly be coming back at some point!
Hope all is well back home, and the weather is good (hee hee).
Take care, Charly and Josh x x x

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