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Khao Sok, and Kao Samui.

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Hey everyone!
We arrived in Kao Sok a few days ago (this overnight train journey was alot better than the last one!) and we satyed right in the middle of nowhere in the jungle in these little huts which were cool but there was alot of wildlife coming into the huts like gekos, bats, lizards, spiders etc. we just chilled out down there really for the first day then on the second day we booked ourselfs onto this tour whcih was quite expenisve, 1500thb (so around 30 quid) but it was definatly worth it!! we took a long boat through this massive lake, and there was all these islands everywhere and the water was so blue! then we stopped off at one island and trekked across it, errr and we saw a tranchula! it was horrible!! and the we got on a bamboo raft over to some caves whcih we went in and they were really cool! then trekked back again and got in some kayaks and we paddle out into the middle of the lake and just lay in the water in the sun for ages! it was amazing!! we'd ocassionally jump in the water have a swim then paddle over to another island to explore! it was so quiet aswell, there was no one around and we were just allowed to go wherever we wanted!
then we came back to the resort but there was a bat in our hut which refused to leave!! the next day we travelled to kao samui (where we are now) were staying in a resort right on the edge of the beach, except it rained ysesterday but it was actually warmer in the sea than anywhere else so we went for a nice long swim.
we leave Kao samui tommorw and go to Kao tao which is ment to be really nice and were hoping to do some scuba diving there!
When our tour ends were travelling with some friends down to some more islands then were gonna catch a flight to Phi Phi island and stay there for 5 nights!
speak to you all soon!

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Hill Tribe Trek

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Hey everyone! were back in bangkok now after a very hot 14 hour train journey, the air con broke 2 hours into the journey, we were all dripping with sweat! but it was an amzing few days! we trekked for 4 hours through the jungle the first day, alot of walking up hill, it was very hot and hardwork but we eventually got to the first village. it was a massive culture shock at first seeing everyone wearing rags washing their clothes in the stream etc, the huts we were staying in were alright considering, and our shower in the morning was the river, which was very refreshing! our tour guides (who were from the village originally) sat by the camp fire with us for a while then when we went to bed they got hungry after a few beers (as you do) but instead of getting a kebab as we would they went out and hunted some rats and grilled them!!
we were up early in the morning and started trekking again for another 4 hours until we reched the elephant camp and the elephants took us the last hour through the jungle to the next village. me and josh got given the baby elephant to ride, he was also reffered to as the naughty one and he kept spraying us with dirt, we were covered in mud and elephant slobber by the end of it!
As soon as we got to the next village we all jumped in the river and had a wash then had a walk round the village. josh played football with the locals for abit (i just watched as girls playing isn't exactly the done thing there) then we had some dinner and then sat round the bonfire for the rest of the evening.
we got given the choice that we could trek for 5 hours back to the van that would take us back to our hotel or we could travel down the river on a homemade bamboo raft, so we all took the bamboo raft option and took the river through the jungle for 3 hours whcih was really nice.
we set off tommorow (on another overnight train) down to khao sok where we start the next part of our tour. were also looking to book some flights to Phi Phi island on th e 22cnd march when our tour ends (which is where the film The Beech was filmed) with a couple of people we've met on the tour.
We went for a Thai massage the other day aswell, the guy who did it was abit crazy and he though josh looked like harry potter. i found it relaxing but josh just kept saying it was hurting him!
For our last night in Chang Mai our guide took us out, we went to a bar called the roof top bar which was on top of a buliding and the was all these mini tables and cushions and you jsut sat on the florr so we had a few drinks there whcih was cool, then we went to this club and there was a couple of lady boys in there!! A lady boy served us breakfast this morning aswell, (she had a tonk moustasche!)
Anwyay thats all for now we'll be in touch again soon xx

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Chang Mai

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Hey everyone,
We're now in chang mai, which is right up north of Thiland, we're with a group of 8 people who we will be doing the jungle trek with tommorow. We had to get an overnight train up here last night which was pretty weird, all the seats fold out into beds and theres a top bunk which folds down, pretty mental! I slept alright on the train but charly says "it stank of wee" in her bed, lovely! The full jouney was around 13 hours, which we will be doing again after the trek to get back down to bangkok, so we also look forward to that.
Chang Mai is still warm but not as hot as bangkok and its alot less busy with trafiic and crazy's shouting "tuk tuk!" at you. We went round the ancient temples today and saw lots and lots of gold Buddahs sitting in various positions. apparently our guide said there was over 300 temples in Chang Mai alone! there is also loads of monks around and chilling at the temples, We will be setting off on our 4 day trek tommorow which will go through the north jungle and the hilltribe villages, we will be staying in village huts, and with local people. We will also be taking an elephant ride through part of the trek which should be cool, and after speaking to a few other people they say the local village kids are really good at football so im sure Charly can give them a run for their money!
Im sure there arnt any WiFi hotspots in the hilltribes so we will post again when were back from the trek and after having a nice long massage when we get back (which costs rougly 120BHT for 1 hour which is around 2 pounds!! ).
Speak soon, Take care.
Josh and Charly x x x

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We've landed!

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Hey guys, we got into bangkok a couple of hours ago, had abit of a mad taxi ride in but we eventually found the hostel! so we dropped our bags off then headed out on to the infamous Khao San Road got some food then went to sit down for a beer and someone who we worked with at domestic and general walked past! which was weird so we sat and had a couple of drinks with him and now were back at the hostel to get some sleep! although its evening here its still dead hot, really humid! gotta get up early tommorow to catch breakfast then we start our trek up to chang mai which we can't wait for now after talking to a few people about it! speak to you all soon xx

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