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Sydney, Blue Mountains and Byron bay

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Hey Guys,
Hope all is well back home! Were now at a place called byron bay which is a propper surfing town, its between sydney and brisbarne on the map. We had a fun eventful day before we left bangkok. Our flight into bangkok from phuket was cool, we stayed in hostel and met up with some people from our trip to say goodbyes. The day we were leaving we went for lunch in a resturant a couple of roads away from our hostel. It started to rain cats and dogs and solid thunder and lightning for about an hour, so we stayed in this resturant to ride it out, but because of the rubbish draining systems in the bangkok streets, the whole street began to fill with water! Cars parked on the roat were submerged nearly up to the top of the wheel! We realised we had to get back to the hostel to get our bags so we had to wade through ankle deep black/brown water all the way back to the hostel. Because of the sewage systems filling up there were thousands of cockroaches and rats running all over the place! One nearly went up my shorts (bad move), and charly had a bucket of dead ones thrown infornt of her as we made our way back to the hostel. (it was the most disgusting thing everr- she says!!) We got there all fine, just very wet and made it to the airport and got our flight to sydney all good!
Sydney was cool, we did all the main touristy stuff like the opra house and the harbour bridge and stuff like that. but food in sydney was so expensive compared to thailand but luckily our hostel had a kitchen so we went to the local supermarket, stocked up on the smart price stuff and had picnics and made our own dinners for the rest of the time there! we liked sydney but we couldn't really afford to do things like climbing the harbour bridge, and the sky tower walk, but we ventured up to the blue mountains, which were pretty incredible, we did a trek through them but it wasnt as hot as thialand so not as tiring and we took a trip in the steepest train in the world (its at a 55 degress angle) Saw some kangeroos aswell and some baby ones which were cute!
We headed up to place called spot x after leaving sydney and had a surf lesson (in the rain) but it was still wicked! our hostel here in Byron offers free board hire so were gonna rent some tommorow and get riding the waves!
on wednesday we head up to a place called surfers paradise for some more surfing and theyve got all the main theme parks, water parks etc there so that should be cool. then on saturday were heading up the coast again to Australlia zoo (steve Irwin zoo) weve heard great things about that, your allowed to hold koala bears (whcih charly cant wait for!) and theyve got masisve crocodile shows etc so that should be cool. anyway hope everythings cool back at home! take care Charly and Josh xx

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"Gonna do a little rap.. goes summit like dat... your trips sounding fat... did you eat any cat?... Thailand looks rude... munchin nuff thai food... paddling in a boat... did you eat any goat?... // Stayin in Phu-Ket.. pooing in a bhu-ket.. coz they aint got drainage to handle all the rainage // them cheeky Thais.. take you for a ride.. in a little tuk tuk.. drive like they dont give a f*ck // coz it's mad over there... they've all got the same hair.. smoking nuff dirtys fags.. selling Thai-porn mags //Bankok's proper mental.. go to the lady-boy temple... but dont grab their crotch.. or you'll get a handful of c*ck // that's the end of my rap.. it went summit like dat... BBRRAPP"

Hope you enjoyed my rap. I'll do another one for you on the theme of OZ. Bet you can't wait for that.

Seriously though, photos look stunning. Can you start posting some shit ones now though please becuase I'm getting really jealous.

Pat's in Australia now. Melbourne I think. So say hello if you bump into him. Can't miss him, looks just like Frodo off of Lord of the Rings.

Take care you crazy cats.


by sam-wise

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